News from the Pay it forward program!

As you know, the Pay it forward mentoring program is back in operation. This professional pairing is first and foremost a gesture of solidarity on the part of former participants in the Centre's employment assistance service, with the aim of sharing their learning through a mentoring relationship with other women currently linked to the Women's Centre of Montreal, as they search for employment.

This complementarity and solidarity between advisor, mentor and mentee fosters a relationship of trust, a sense of belonging and mutual support.


An historical mentoring program

Pay it forward is the mentoring program of the Employability Service of the Women's Centre of Montreal, initiated in 2015. It had previously been a great success with participants through, among other things, workshops and networking evenings organized at the Centre. However, this service has been on hold due to the pandemic.

In February 2023, the Women's Centre of Montreal announced the excellent news that Pay it forward would be returning (we told you all about it in this article).


Well prepared mentors for the mentoring relationship

On February 9, 2023, the Mentors' Evening provided an opportunity to officially relaunch the mentoring program with former participants. Almost thirty women who had benefited from our employment services in the past were present, and more than enthusiastic about the idea of reinstating this female professional mutual aid!

A seminar was then offered to them in April, to raise awareness of mentoring, define the framework of the collaboration and prepare for the first meeting with the mentee.


So far, three professional pairings have been initiated since February, and seven pairs are waiting to be formed. This very encouraging progress is proof that mentoring has a bright future ahead at the Women's Centre of Montreal's Employability Department!


More information on Pay it forward :


Thanks to a donation from Scotia Bank through its Scotiainspire program, Pay it forward is a program that has been brought back to life after the pandemic.

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