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Our varied and high-quality lineup of classes are given in a comfortable, friendly setting aimed at making learning easy and fun.

See our programation of Winter 2023 (French only) :

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French Classes (Francization)

Have you immigrated to Quebec from a non-French-speaking country? Are you interested in learning more about French language and Francophone culture? Our francization program includes classes for new French speakers, in… Read more

French Conversation Groups

Do you want to feel more comfortable speaking French? Our conversation groups are free and open to all of the Centre’s participants. Practice with other women who are also learning the language. Participation… Read more

English Classes

Looking to learn or improve your English? We offer small classes taught by qualified teachers, featuring a practical approach designed to improve your written and spoken English, along with real-world scenarios to put… Read more

English Classes - 50+

Are you part of our job search group for women 50 and up? Do you want to improve your English as part of your program? We offer classes where you can work on your English with other women in your age bracket who are… Read more

English Conversation Groups

Actively seeking opportunities to practice your spoken English? Our conversation classes are made up of small groups of people with at least an intermediate-level command of the language. More information is… Read more

Job Search Workshops

Are you looking for work? We offer small themed workshops designed specifically to suit your needs. The topics addressed are timely and relevant: social media, stress management, the flow and meaning of work and the… Read more

Computer Classes

Are you inexperienced with computers but eager to learn or improve? We can show you how to use a computer effectively, surf the Internet and use popular software programs like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Our classes… Read more

Computer Classes - 50+

Are you part of our job search group for women 50 and up? You can develop your computer skills with classes designed specifically to suit your needs. Become acquainted with Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and learn how to… Read more

Wellness and Fitness Workshops

Are you looking to improve your overall health and well-being? We offer yoga and dance classes as well as several walking groups that will let you get fit and have fun at the same time. We have also started a knitting… Read more