Group Activities

Activities and Outings

We organize a number of activities where you can cook meals as a group, chat with other women or go out to events or destinations for free or at an affordable cost.

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

We regularly plan trips to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts for free guided tours of the exhibitions. Please note that this activity is currently suspended. Read more

Summer Field Trips

In the summer, we organize family outings that combine fun and learning. Join us for beach days, museum visits and picnics in the park. Your children will have a great time – and so will you!  Read more

Collective Kitchens

Are you familiar with the concept of collective kitchens? It’s when a group of women pool their time, money and talent to cook healthy, delicious and budget-friendly meals. It’s easy! Simply get a group of five or… Read more

Soup of the Month

Once a month, a team of volunteers prepares a big soup and invites the Centre’s participants to try it out, while discussing a topic of current interest.  Please note that this activity is currently suspended. Read more

Coffee Club

Are you a recent newcomer to Quebec? Then we suggest you join us at one of our coffee club, held every second Thursday. We always discuss a subject of interest to new Quebecers in order to provide you with practical… Read more

La Cigognerie Program – Drop-In Daycare

Do you have children under 5 or are you expecting? Our Mother-Child Program focuses on childhood development and integration into the daycare or school system. You will benefit from the support of a caring,… Read more