External and Employers Services

Workshops/Presentations – Training

Through our services, women are invited to take part in workshops, presentations and training sessions dealing with a variety of topics. Contact us to find out more about what we offer. 

Prevention and Awareness Sessions: Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence and Sexual Assault

We have been mandated by the Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion (Direction des services de francisation) to provide free information sessions to our francization groups on the topic of… Read more

Prevention and Awareness Sessions: Wellness of Indigenous Women Living in Urban Communities

We offer awareness and information sessions on the realities of Indigenous women in urban settings in order to debunk commonly held misconceptions and help people who work with women be more mindful of the issues at… Read more

Workshop: Male-Dominated Occupations

An overview of traditionally gender-specific occupations and an exploration of the advantages of a non-traditional career, along with the challenges facing students who choose this path.  Read more

Workshop: Cultural Diversity

Bridging cultural divides is possible with a little help. Today, more than ever before, cultural diversity is a must for a harmonious workplace. This workshop looks at some key cultural differences that tend to… Read more

Workshop: Get Ready!

This workshop focuses on job search techniques and the services available in the Montreal area to help job seekers get ahead. Read more

Workshop: Toolbox

This workshop sheds light on the many services in the broader community available to participants while they are enrolled in an external training program.  Read more

Dynamic Job Search Methods

A well-structured, efficient approach to looking for work.  A range of strategies, concrete solutions and tools designed to help participants: Improve their self-knowledge and facilitate their workplace… Read more