Group Activities


Interested in brushing up on your French or English? Gaining a better understanding of a specific topic? Or simply getting out and meeting new people? At the Women’s Centre of Montreal, we have a wide range of classes, workshops and group outings available free of charge or at a nominal cost. We work hard to deliver a varied program that is both useful and interesting. Not only will you broaden your skill sets, but you will also have the chance to connect with other women – and even develop new friendships!

Activities and Outings

We organize a number of activities where you can cook meals as a group, chat with other women or go out to events or destinations for free or at an affordable cost.

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Classes and Workshops

Our varied and high-quality lineup of classes are given in a comfortable, friendly setting aimed at making learning easy and fun. See our programation of Winter 2023 (French only) : General schedule Job search support…

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Do you have a strong network in place? How can you expand your circle of contacts? One thing is for sure: the more people you know, the better your chances of finding an opportunity that’s right for you. With various…

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