Job Support

Toolbox and Resources

A Space for Job Seekers

Come take advantage of our renovated job search facilities and a wide range of tools to help you in your efforts. This space is available to all program enrollees.

Our employment counsellors are also available on site to answer your questions and provide you with their insight and advice.

Take your job search skills to the next level and share ideas and inspiration with your fellow job seekers!

Social Media

Are you a social media–savvy job seeker? Talk to our employment counsellors to find out how you can leverage your online presence and capture the attention of recruiters. We offer:

Let us help you determine the right social media strategy for you.


Our workshops deal with a variety of topics relevant to women who are looking for their next career challenge: How do you stay motivated during your job search? What are the latest recruitement trends? How do you prepare yourself mentally for an interview? What are some no-fail networking and presentation techniques? How do you overcome setbacks during the process?

We also offer a seminar on video interviews, an increasingly popular recruiting technique, to help you get ready. Come test out your existing job search skills and learn new ones to help you seize that next opportunity that presents itself.

Check out our calendar of upcoming workshops.

Job Hunting 

See what our experienced employment counsellors have to say about the process of finding work through a series of articles they have written (mostly in French) to help women who are looking for a job:

"Pay It Forward" Mentoring program

Pay it forward is the creation of a bond of solidarity between women. The aim is to encourage a closer relationship with other women who are more experienced in a certain field, to form a network of mutual aid, support, exchange and professional development.

This professional pairing is first and foremost a gesture of solidarity on the part of former participants in the Centre's employment assistance service, with the aim of sharing their learning through a mentoring relationship with other women currently linked to the Women's Centre of Montreal, as they search for employment.


More information on this mentoring program


Interview Attire

Are you interviewing for a new job? Short on funds to be able to dress for success? We have got you covered! Make an appointment with one of our employment services counsellors to browse through a wide selection of professional attire that has been donated to the Centre and sorted through by our volunteers – so it’s all free! Make an appointment with one of our counsellors.

Job Bank

When you sign up for our job search assistance services, you will get access to job offers the Centre receives from employers. Our counsellors also have access to a job bank, which is shared within our team and posted internally.