Personal Support

Settlement and integration assistance

Whether you are a permanent resident, a refugee, an asylum seeker, a naturalized Canadian citizen or you have a student permit or a temporary work permit, our counsellors will support you with your settlement and integration procedures. 

You will get information, advice and services for support at different levels:

• Settlement procedures (to obtain a driver's license, health insurance card, social insurance number, government forms, social assistance programs, administrative procedures, etc.)

• Access to our volunteer program to get a first work experience to mention in your CV, make a difference in our community and get to know Quebec better

• Legal information from one of our volunteer lawyers so you understand your rights

• Employment assistance if you are looking for a job that meets your aspirations

• Food aid (baskets) if you are going through a difficult time

• Family help if you have children or are pregnant

• Personal assistance if you experience difficulties in your personal life (tension in your couple, isolation, homesickness, anxiety, etc.)

Also, if you want to meet other women and create a new network for yourself, you can subscribe to:

• Collective kitchens

• Well-being courses and activities

• Our mother-child program

• Informational activities such as coffee-meetings on different subjects (e.g., Quebec institutions and values, gender equality, access to health services, etc.)

Drop-in Daycare service: a free access to our drop-in daycare will enable you to participate in our activities with ease.


Don't forget to give us your telephone number when you contact us! That way, we will be able to reach you quickly.