12 days of action fighting violence against women: Feminicide

In recent months, Quebec has been shaken by a succession of shocking feminicides to the count of 18 ...

Woman whose identity is unknown - November 5
Romane Bonnier - October 19
Anna Uitangak - September 30
Andréanne Ouellet - September 27
Rajinder Prabhneed Kaur - July 19
Nathalie Piché - June 15
Lisette Corbeil - June 9
Zoleikha Bakhtiar - May 18
Dyann Serafica-Donaire - April 16
Kataluk Paningayak-Naluiyuk - March 25
Rebekah Harry - March 23,
Nadège Jolicœur - March 19
Carolyne Labonté - March 18
Myriam Dallaire and her mother Sylvie Bisson - March 1
Nancy Roy - February 23
Marly Edouard - February 21
Elisapee Angma - February 5

Femicide is the murder of a woman or a girl because of her gender. In other words, it's when a woman is killed just for being a woman. In Canada, it is estimated that a woman is killed every two and a half days. In 2020, this represents the murder of 160 women. The majority of cases of femicide and domestic violence occur in private at home. With the pandemic and containment an increase in cases has been observed ... We must act to prevent domestic homicide!

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