Essential services maintained and improved

Thank you to all of you who supported us!

Thanks to your generosity, we are proud to have been able to maintain our essential services to help women in these difficult times!

During confinement:

-Our employment assistance services continued to be accessible by telephone and video conference.

-Our psychosocial services, including support for women victims of domestic violence, were also available by phone and we offered help to newcomers, with the settlement and integration.

-Our food support service has been maintained and even improved, taking into account the necessary hygiene measures and the Centre has set up food basket deliveries.

-Diapers and layette kits allowed us to respond to emergencies and help mothers and their babies! Bundles of hygiene products, tender bars and clothing were distributed to homeless indigenous women.

We are very touched by the testimonials we receive:

I would like to sincerely thank the CFM team for the support I received in order to stay on top of this difficult time in my life. The warmth of your attitude when you gave me the bags of food left an unforgettable mark. A big thank-you! »Rodica F.

"After years in the school and community environment and a little customer service, the Virage program of the employment assistance service at the Centre des femmes de Montréal, allowed me to make a choice that continues to fascinate me : web programming! After Virage, Emploi-Québec authorized me to go back to school. I am extremely grateful to the Centre for giving me the boost I needed to get back into the workforce in a field that fascinates me. Today, I have an extraordinary position in a company I would not have imagined working for." Marie-Eve.

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