Testimonials about our services

The testimonies we receive in recognition of the services we provide continue to confirm us how essential our mission is!

« Me the woman lost in my pain and suffering, me the woman without strength and without resource, I don't know how to thank you for all your services given to me: I am heard and understood… And the most important thing, is that I am no longer in need, because with your donations, I have everything I need and I no longer have the worry of being hungry. Thank you for the effort you make to collect donations for me and I applaud all the charitable souls who think of us. » Khadija

 « I thank the women's centre for being here for us in this difficult situation. I also thank the people who make the effort to bring the basket of food to my house. Thank you from the bottom of my heartSalwa

« Hello, I just wanted to say a quick thank you for all the hardworking employees that are helping during this hard time. Friendly, helpful and kind it’s a very needed service given with love. All the best. » Claire 

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