March 8 Day - A week of celebrations

Celebrating International Women's rights day: an inspiring commitment at the Women's Centre of Montreal

March 6, 7 and 8 marked a time of celebration and commitment at the Women's Centre of Montreal. In honor of International Women's rights day, we were privileged to organize and participate in a series of special events, reflecting our unwavering commitment to gender equality.

A memorable morning:

On Wednesday, March 6, we had the pleasure of welcoming 35 women to a very special morning.

The day began with breakfast, followed by inspiring discussions on the evolution of women's rights in Quebec and around the world. Rich and enlightening discussions fueled by a shared determination to preserve and strengthen the gains achieved through decades of struggle.

This memorable morning ended with creating a collective, symbolic work illustrating the theme of the beehive. Like bees, whose collective effort is essential to the well-being of the hive, each participant had the opportunity to express on paper her aspirations and hopes for the advancement of women's rights.  Like a buzz, united and determined for gender equality!


A committed presence :

As a partner in the "Lumières sur les femmes" event, our team came to meet you at the Alexis Nihon shopping center, sharing resources and advice to support women on their career paths. Then at the Rockland Centre, for our conference "Using LinkedIn wisely for your job search", hosted by Louise Villeneuve, one of our seasoned employment consultants.

These were exciting moments of exchange and encounters, strengthening the bonds of solidarity and mutual aid within our community.


Towards an Inclusive Future:

Together, we took part in these special days with a common goal: to promote gender equality and the recognition of women's rights. 

At the Women's Centre of Montreal, our commitment is clear: to provide a safe space, resources, and essential support to enable women to flourish, realize their full potential, and play an active role in the community.

Together, let's move resolutely towards a more inclusive future, where every woman can take her place and make her voice heard!

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