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When you sign up for our job search assistance services, you will get access to job offers the Centre receives from employers. Our counsellors also have access to a job bank, which is shared within our team and posted internally.

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View the external job bank:

Coordination animation studio 21-01-2022 (National Film Board)

Administrative coordinateur, directeur's office 13-01-2022 (National Film Board)

Office clerk # 257 / 13-01-2022 (Bédard Ressources)

Coustumer service clerk # 1797 / 13-01-2022 (Bédard Ressources) 

Project manager, education 04-01-2022 (La Société du Vieux-Port)

Terminal team lead 01-12-2021 (Cardinal)

Senior production coordinator, animation 01-12-2021 (National Film Board)